Hello Parents!

Welcome to the Maranatha Evangelistic Ministries VBS 2020 – “20:20 Vision” 
Date and Time: August 10 to 13 (Mon – Thur) from 7PM to 8:30PM EST.
 (Please note the time is in Eastern Standard Time/ Michigan time)

Thank you for signing up for MEM VBS 2020! We are so excited to have you join us for these sessions.The zoom meeting link will be sent to your email the day of the VBS.

Please read and prepare as per the instructions below:

Zoom Meeting Instructions:

  • Please find a quiet area where background noise is minimal.
  • Each student in a family, if they belong to different age groups, should have their own computer/ tablet for the VBS and should be in separate rooms with headphones to avoid sound feedback and distractions.
  • Please have the child’s Registered “First and Last nameon the zoom screen for attendance and so the host can assign them the correct classroom. How to Change Your Name in a Zoom Meeting.
  • We will be taking electronic attendance each day.
  • We advise all the kids to keep their lines muted and unmute their lines only to provide answers. How to mute and unmute in a meeting
  • For kids in the Beginners (age 3-5) class please have a parent with them to assist and control them.
  • If the network connection is lost at any time, please rejoin and notify the host so that the student can be rejoined to the designated class or session.
  • Video is preferred to be ON, to actively engage with the teacher.
  • It is best if the view mode is on “Speaker View”.  How to switch to Speaker View.
  • The program will be conducted over Zoom, utilizing the Breakout room feature for the classroom sessions.
    • For the classroom session, kids will be moved to the Breakout classrooms for the Beginner, Primary, Junior, and Intermediate classrooms.
    • Once classrooms are assigned by the host, the option to join the assigned classroom will pop up on the screen. Please click on the ‘Join’ option as shown below.
    • This will join you to the assigned breakout classroom. Here, the designated teacher and students in that class will have a 30-minute classroom lesson and activity.
    • Once the breakout class is complete, the host will give an instructional message and bring the students back to the Main Session. There is no need to logout from the entire Zoom meeting during a breakout/ classroom session.

Craft Instructions:

Workbook Instructions:

  1. Beginners (Age 3-5) -Priyanka’s Class – priyankashaji@gmail.com
  2. Primary (Age 6-8) -Renju’s Class – renjutj@gmail.com
  3. Junior (Age 9-11) -Sheela’s Class – sheelavjohn@hotmail.com
  4. Intermediate (Age 12-14) Monica’s Class – natasha.nasser@gmail.com

Joining Zoom meeting:

  • Date and Time: August 10 to 13 (Mon – Thur) from 7PM to 8:30PM EST.
  • Please join 5 minutes before 7PM EST so that we can start on time. 
  • The zoom link for the MEM VBS will be sent to your email the day of the VBS.

For any issues or question please contact:

  • vbs2020@memchurch.org
  • Zoom issues call/text: Deepu Korah 248-266-9077
  • Zoom issues / VBS questions call/text: Jojy Kuriakose 248-595-9185  
  • Pr. Finney Abraham 248-462-9537
  • For any workbook related question you can email the respective teachers (see “Workbook Instructions” section)