jojy pptBro. Jojy K Kuriakose

Every third Saturday evening, all the youth of the church gather together to contribute and learn from the word of God. The youth are encouraged to prepare and present activities consistent with the theme of the month. Activates such as speeches, psalm reading, storytelling, songs, games, etc. are done to boost the confidence of the youth to present in front of an audience. The program helps the youth to build faith in the word of God, strengthen their testimonies, develop talents, and make new friends. The youth group also puts together the Sunday school anniversary, which is an annual event including a Christmas play, other youth activities, games, and awards ceremony. A very important component of our youth group is the focus on our community. Volunteer events and community service projects such as spending time at local food banks allow us to reach out to our local communities to show the love of Christ and to touch many.